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Agenda Archief
Wolfert Brederode, Joost Lijbaart & Matangi Quartet
'Ruins & Remains'
Last year it was a century since the end of the First World War, a drama on a hitherto unprecedented scale that has left deep wounds and marks the transition from the 'old' to the 'new' Europe. Although this continent has never known such a long period of peace, we also see parallels with that time in the twenty-first century. Inspired by this fact, Wolfert Brederode, one of the most eclectic musicians in the Netherlands, composed Ruins & Remains, a suite of ten continuous movements of approximately 60 minutes for piano, percussion and string quartet. Music that is about the inner struggle of man, overcoming adversity, incurring scars. Read more
zo 11 Dec 2022 | 15:00 hour | Buy tickets

Brenda Stoter
Het vergeten volk.
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wo 14 Dec 2022 | 20:00 hour | Buy tickets

Angelo Verploegen Trio
"When the Night Falls"
Angelo Verploegen's new album 'When Night Falls' is an ode to the night in all its forms; from dusk to dawn. With the chosen standards he tries to capture the course of the evening, while limiting himself in terms of instrumentation, repertoire and recording technique - in order to evoke that narrowed world of the night in all its facets. With Ed Verhoeff on guitar and Eric van der Westen on bass, Angelo Verploegen reunited a trio that carries with them more than twenty years of joint history. In subtle play in which a wealth of experience and attention resounds, we witness a twilight conversation between three old friends.
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zo 18 Dec 2022 | 15:00 hour | Buy tickets

Maria Milstein & Hanna Shybayeva
Maria Milstein violin, Hanna Shybayeva piano.
Finally, after three years, we can again present a beautiful Christmas concert to our audience and resume this long-standing tradition on our intimate stage in Christmas atmosphere! Maria Milstein and Hanna Shybayeva will perform gems from the repertoire for violin and piano this afternoon. In any case, the famous 2nd sonata by Prokofiev is on the program, as well as more classical works, such as sonatas by Beethoven. The further details of this recital are still being worked out by the duo. Read more
ma 26 Dec 2022 | 15:00 hour | Buy tickets

Champagne and Wine
Americana (blues, country en folk)
De Zeeuws Vlaamse “roots” band Champagne and Wine verzorgt de aftrap van een nieuw Porgy-jaar met een concert op zaterdag 7 januari!
De band met zangeres Karin de Kock brengt nummers met passie en bezieling en dat belooft weer een gezellige, muzikale avond te worden…

Be There...
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za 07 Jan 2023 | 20:00 hour | Buy tickets

This year, for the fifth time in a row, we are opening the new year with a festive gathering with the house orchestra of the well-known television program Podium Witteman. These super enthusiastic musicians, like other years, bring a vibrant mix of classical music, jazz, pop and improvisation.

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zo 08 Jan 2023 | 15:00 hour | Buy tickets

Judith Koelemeijer
Prometheus lezing: Etty Hillesum
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do 12 Jan 2023 | 20:00 hour | Buy tickets

Gert Oostindie
Erfenissen van het koloniale verleden
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do 19 Jan 2023 | 20:00 hour | Buy tickets

Tide is Turning Concert
muziek uit de seizoenen, én van toen en nu
Vanavond verzorgt de Stichting Tomorrowband weer een spetterende muziekavond op het podium van Porgy en Bess met haar drie bands: De Futureband, De Tomorrowband en Timeless. De bandleden spelen muziek van Toen en Nu waarbij plezier en muziek hand in hand gaan. Vanavond treden ze om beurten op en gaan u zeker verrassen met een boeiende mix van genres en muziekstijlen. Mis deze top avond niet!
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vr 20 Jan 2023 | 19:00 hour | Buy tickets

Alexander van Popta Quartet
Alexander van Popta is a very talented pianist, composer and producer who has built up a very versatile career in a short time. He could already be heard twice in Porgy en Bess in the quartet of trumpeter Teus Nobel and then made a big impression. But now he has his own quartet consisting of Alexander van Popta (piano), Jelle Roozenburg (guitar), Jamie Peet (drums) and Thomas Pol (bass), a formidable line-up.

The upcoming album, 'All the memories that objects carry', follows soon after his debut with 'Methods To Madness', which is barely a year old. Because so many gigs were canceled during the pandemic, the focus has shifted even more to life in the studio. Read more
zo 22 Jan 2023 | 15:00 hour | Buy tickets

Jasper Blom Quartet met Pablo Held
The Jasper Blom Quartet is an "all star line-up" with guitarist Jesse van Ruller, Frans van der Hoeven and Martijn Vink, who has been around for 12 years and has released six CDs. Characteristic of the JBQ are the intelligent compositions and improvisations of saxophonist Jasper Blom, the impassioned playing of star guitarist Jesse van Ruller, the tight and flexible interplay between rhythm section and soloists, starring the renowned Martijn Vink. The quartet plays on international jazz stages and festivals at home and abroad. In recent years, the JBQ has regularly performed with renowned international soloists. Read more
zo 05 Feb 2023 | 15:00 hour | Buy tickets

René van Stipriaan
Het leven van Willem van Oranje
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wo 08 Feb 2023 | 20:00 hour | Buy tickets

Wielercafé 'Leve de Koers!'
de Tour de France van 1980
Vanavond gaan we terug naar 'de Tour' van 1980 en halen wij prachtige herinneringen op met onze zéér speciale gasten Joop Zoetemelk, Hennie Kuiper en Johan van der Velde. Natuurlijk ontbreken onze vaste commentatoren Rik Vanwalleghem en José de Cauwer niet. De voorverkoop start op zondag 20 november vanaf 9.00 uur met maximaal 2 kaarten  per bezoeker (per Porgy account). Kaarten zijn uitsluitend via deze site verkrijgbaar.
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vr 10 Feb 2023 | 20:00 hour |

Duo IJlstra-García
Colores del sur
In tonight's program saxophonist Femke IJlstra and pianist Celia García-García highlight the richness of Mediterranean colors, with an emphasis on Spain. "We take you to the musical south where we sing, dance and dream together in the warm evening light", according to Femke and Celia. They bring us into this atmosphere with works by Ravel, Milhaud, Albeniz, de Falla, Villa-Lobos and others. Read more
zo 12 Feb 2023 | 15:00 hour | Buy tickets

Joris Teepe en Rob van Bavel
twee jazz-grootmeesters
Rob and Joris know each other since the late 1980s and have played together in various situations over the years, mostly in the Netherlands. This duo started during the corona crisis in 2020, when Rob and Joris did live stream duo concerts. Read more
zo 19 Feb 2023 | 15:00 hour | Buy tickets

l'Armonia Sonora en Peter Kooij
'Der Friede sei mit Dir'
L'Armonia Sonora, consisting of toppers from the ranks of the Netherlands Bach Society, will present a fascinating baroque program this afternoon with one of the most prominent baroque singers, the bass Peter Kooij. The whole is led by the gambist Mieneke van der Velden.

The cantata 'Der Friede sei mit dir' (BWV 158) is one of the highlights of the work of Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750); this solo cantata by Bach with an obbligato violin part and basso continuo seems simple in instrumentation, but it is a very complete cantata with arias, recitatives and a beautiful closing chorale.  Read more
zo 05 Mrt 2023 | 15:00 hour | Buy tickets

Mónica Coronado & Manito
Flamenco - Melodías del Corazón
With this warm-blooded Flamenco performance, the listener is taken along to a world full of passion, melancholy passion. The repertoire includes both existing and self-written Spanish songs. At the concerts, Monica quickly gets people on the edge of the seat. She knows how to enchant her audience with her charisma. Manito always knows how to stimulate her to get the most out of his virtuoso playing.
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vr 17 Mrt 2023 | 20:00 hour | Buy tickets

Under The Surface
Mijn Triuwa – Mijn Trouw
Since the formation of Under The Surface in 2015, the band has enjoyed great success internationally. Drummer Joost Lijbaart saw the group's potential early on and was able to organize more than 200 concerts in 25 countries on 4 continents. Inspired by the many travels, they developed a unique improvisational language, a combination of jazz, folk, ethnic and electronic music. Read more
zo 26 Mrt 2023 | 15:00 hour | Buy tickets

Het Oktet
Boeiende blaas octetten van Mozart!
Vanmiddag treft u de 'crème de la crème' van de Nederlandse klassieke blazers op ons podium!
Gedreven musici van onder meer het Koninklijk Concertgebouworkest en het Nederlands Blazers Ensemble hebben elkaar gevonden om de octetten van Mozart te spelen. Ook in onze tijd is het voor iedere blazer een muzikale topervaring om deze werken uit te voeren. Bij Het Oktet spat het speelplezier er dan ook vanaf. Read more
zo 16 Apr 2023 | 15:00 hour | Buy tickets

Festival de la Chanson Française, 2-ième édition
Ensemble Soite!
Bert van den Brink piano and accordion, Sanne de Graaf cello and Andrea van Beek vocals.

French chanson is booming: hundreds of thousands of Dutch people enjoyed the beautiful TV series Chansons! in 2021 by TV co-star Matthijs van Nieuwkerk and 'Snollebollekes foreman' Rob Kemps. Porgy responded to this trend with a daring and completely sold-out three-day chanson festival in April 2022. We are happy to build on this resounding success and are proud to present a second edition with surprising ensembles!

Tonight master pianist Bert van den Brink, who has been a regular player on our stage for many years, will perform contemporary chansons by chansonnier/bassist Gildas Delaporte with his new 'Ensemble Soit!'. Read more
vr 21 Apr 2023 | 20:00 hour | Buy tickets

Festival de la Chanson Française, 2-ième édition
Talk To Me In French
Multi-talented Frank Mercelis, musician, singer and actor, has been on stage in many capacities for over 20 years. i.a. with his chanson collective Eddy et les Vedettes he made four successful theater tours, including 'Une Belle Histoire', in collaboration with the writer Bart Van Loo. Today he takes the sensuality and rhythm of the French language with him in the beautiful musical narration 'Talk To Me In French', accompanied by Antoon Offeciers on piano.

"Text and music flow wonderfully into each other, meandering and sparkling, perfectly clever without losing nature. With a great sense of humor too, verbally and musically." The Standard, four ****

“After many wanderings as a singer, musician and actor, Frank Mercelis comes home to a wonderful theater program. (...) The provisional culmination of a very versatile career.” - Het Nieuwsblad, four **** Read more
za 22 Apr 2023 | 20:30 hour | Buy tickets

Festival de la Chanson Française, 2-ième édition
double concert!
zo 23 Apr 2023 | 14:30 hour | Buy tickets

Carel Kraayenhof & Marietta Petkova
'De Hand van de Beer'
Carel Kraayenhof (bandoneon) verwierf landelijke bekendheid met zijn meesterlijke Adiós Nonino voor koningin Máxima. Marietta Petkova (piano) schitterde op grote Nederlandese podia én op ons podium met solo-recitals. Deze twee meesters op hun instrument hebben elkaar gevonden in een autobiografisch getint programma, getiteld 'De Hand van de Beer'. Vanuit bewondering voor elkaars kunstenaarschap en een onmiskenbare klik ontstond het idee voor een gezamenlijke tournee. Met volksmuziek als onderliggend thema vertolken zij werken van o.a.. Bach, Schubert, Albéniz en Argentijnse meesters als Piazzolla, Garçia en Soria. Read more
zo 07 Mei 2023 | 15:00 hour | Buy tickets