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4531 GJ Terneuzen
Phone +31 115 613293

Account no: NL49RABO0119855186
KvK. no.: 22060064
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Opening hours:
Saturday from 1 pm
before and after performances

Agenda Archief
The Barnill Brothers
The Barnill Brothers' debut album is the result of meeting singer-songwriter Douglas Firs, who produced the album, hand in hand with sound engineer Jan Chantrain (Balthazar, Gabriel Rios). New timbres were added, thanks to the contribution of acclaimed musicians such as American violinist and singer-songwriter Laura Cortese.
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za 03 Sep 2022 | 20:00 hour | Buy tickets

Arthur Japin
Wat stilte wil
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do 08 Sep 2022 | 20:00 hour | Buy tickets

Marcel Worms
rondom Francis Poulenc
Pianist Marcel Worms will bring a wonderful program this afternoon: the French composer Francis Poulenc has a very personal and therefore recognizable style. This does not alter the fact that this style was partly shaped by music by other composers. For example, Poulenc has always admired his compatriot Emmanuel Chabrier, about whom he even wrote a biography.  Read more
zo 11 Sep 2022 | 15:00 hour | Buy tickets

Paul Verhaeghe
Intieme vreemden
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wo 21 Sep 2022 | 20:00 hour | Buy tickets

Rembrandt Trio
The Rembrandt Trio is internationally known for their curious view and innovative collaborations that constantly give jazz a new direction. Their most recent album “A Wind Invisible Sweeps Us Through The World” is the result of fifteen years of making music together. “If you share the stage for so long, you are part of each other's development both as a musician and as a person”. There is such a strong bond of trust between Rembrandt, Tony and Vinsent that they feel completely free to follow their musical instincts and play whatever the music asks for at that moment.
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zo 25 Sep 2022 | 15:00 hour | Buy tickets

The Matthews Baartmans Conspiracy
Iain Matthews & BJ Baartmans - Americana
During the pandemic, Iain and BJ started working together again resulting in a series of songs in which they gave free rein to their reflections on the corona crisis. Gloomy or comforting, disturbing or, on the contrary, resigned. Those songs were released in September 2021 on the album "Distant Chatter" and accompanying bonus EP Close Call. The collection of songs is described as "Americana with an adventurous, colorful and sometimes pleasantly gritty edge. Striking melodic twists, sharp choirs and playfully wriggling guitar lines. Highly personal reflections on an album that could not but be made, it went like naturally in all aspects".
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za 01 Okt 2022 | 20:30 hour | Buy tickets

Jan Brokken - Stedevaart
Parade, het Parijs van Erik Satie
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di 04 Okt 2022 | 20:00 hour | Buy tickets

Cor Bakker en Fay Claassen
delicate interplay of Cor Bakker and Fay Claassen

Listen to the magical interaction between Cor Bakker and Fay Claassen and you will hear it. One plus one can be much more than two. In their collaboration, they not only lift each other to the highest level, but also the repertoire they bring takes on an extra charge. That is why their program 'Cor-i-Fay' is the countless variety of music, text and enchantment.
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vr 07 Okt 2022 | 20:00 hour | Buy tickets

Rob van Westrienen
Oemoemenoe met de natuur?
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di 11 Okt 2022 | 20:00 hour | Buy tickets

Nils Wogram Nostalgia Trio
Trombonist Nils Wogram is considered one of the most important jazz musicians in Europe. He is a virtuoso trombonist and plays very original own compositions. His trio also consists of Arno Krijger, Hammond organ, and Dejan Terzic, drums. A very attractive ensemble!
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za 05 Nov 2022 | 20:00 hour | Buy tickets

Mr. Luca
Familie concert 'Jazz op Recept'
Kom met uw kinderen / kleinkinderen genieten van prachtige muziek met de mooiste Nederlandstalige liedjes!

Jazz op recept is een familieconcert (8+)  waarin 10 energieke jazzmuzikanten en een zangeres je van je stoel af blazen. Dus maak je klaar om te dansen,  mee te zingen en swingen! En dit allemaal op recept van de dokter: Nina zweet peentjes en raakt in paniek als er géén gebruiksaanwijzing is óf géén bladmuziek. De dokter ziet het meteen en stuurt haar met spoed door naar Mr Luca. Zo maakt Nina kennis met de wereld van jazz. Van stotteren naar scatten binnen een uur. Genezing gegarandeerd! Read more
zo 06 Nov 2022 | 14:30 hour | Buy tickets

Lew Tabackin Trio
Het Lew Tabackin Trio maakt een zeer korte tournee met optredens in o.a. Brussel en Parijs. Op zijn uitdrukkelijk verzoek hebben wij ook een plaatsje in onze kalender voor hem ingeruimd. Lew is een van de belangrijkste musici in de New Yorkse jazzscene. Hij wordt vergezeld door de Belgische bassist Philip Aerts en de Franse drummer Mourad Benhammou, samen een gedroomde combinatie. Read more
vr 11 Nov 2022 | 20:00 hour | Buy tickets

The Chianti Ensemble
boeiende piano kwintetten!
Five top talents are united in this international, young ensemble! They first met in Berlin and during a chamber music festival in the famous Chianti wine region, in Italy's Tuscany, there was a definite click and 'The Chianti Ensemble' became a fact. We already know Nathalia Milstein and Alexander Warenberg from Mathieu van Bellen's famous Scaldis Chamber Music Festival. Tonight the other members of the quintet, Takehiro Konoe, Shin Sihan and Yamen Saadi would like to introduce themselves to you. The ensemble plays two fascinating piano quintets from the late romantic style period of resp. Korngold and Faure.
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za 12 Nov 2022 | 20:00 hour | Buy tickets

René Smit
Is de zorg in Z-VL in 2030 nog gegarandeerd?
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do 17 Nov 2022 | 20:00 hour | Buy tickets

Nienke Dingemans band
Nienke Dingemans is a Dutch singer-songwriter. She is seen as a 17-year-old blues top talent, but her music is much broader: from blues to soul and from country to jazz. Accompanied by her producers Joost Verbraak and Jan van Bijnen (Verbraak | van Bijnen - Freek de Jonge - Rob de Nijs - Jim Keller) and Joris Verbogt (The Wild Century - Bradley's Circus), they bring American roots to the Netherlands with their music.
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za 26 Nov 2022 | 20:00 hour | Buy tickets

Dominic Seldis & Jan-Willem Rozenboom
Stand Up Bass
Master double bassist Dominic Seldis and his musical partner James Pearson bring you a wonderful evening full of music and humor. Dominic Seldis is best known as a judge on the hit TV show 'Maestro'. There is much to laugh about and enjoy in Stand Up Bass; Seldis combines beautiful music with humorous stories about his instrument, in a classical environment, but also with trips to, for example, jazz and tango. Pianist James Pearson accompanies Seldis and shines in captivating improvisations.
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zo 27 Nov 2022 | 15:00 hour | Buy tickets

Wolfert Brederode met het Matangi Quartet
Vorig jaar was het een eeuw geleden dat de Eerste Wereldoorlog werd beëindigd, een drama op een tot dan toe ongekende schaal dat diepe wonden heeft geslagen en de overgang markeert van het ‘oude’ naar het ’nieuwe’ Europa. Alhoewel dit continent nog nooit zo’n lange periode van vrede heeft gekend zien we in de eenentwintigste eeuw ook parallellen met die tijd. Geïnspireerd door dit gegeven componeerde Wolfert Brederode, een van de meest eclectische musici van Nederland, Ruins & Remains, een suite uit tien aaneengesloten delen van ongeveer 60 minuten voor piano, slagwerk en strijkkwartet. Muziek die over de innerlijke strijd van de mens gaat, tegenslagen overwinnen, littekens oplopen. Read more
zo 11 Dec 2022 | 15:00 hour | Buy tickets

Angelo Verploegen Trio
"When the Night Falls"
Angelo Verploegen's new album 'When Night Falls' is an ode to the night in all its forms; from dusk to dawn. With the chosen standards he tries to capture the course of the evening, while limiting himself in terms of instrumentation, repertoire and recording technique - in order to evoke that narrowed world of the night in all its facets. With Ed Verhoeff on guitar and Eric van der Westen on bass, Angelo Verploegen reunited a trio that carries with them more than twenty years of joint history. In subtle play in which a wealth of experience and attention resounds, we witness a twilight conversation between three old friends.
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zo 18 Dec 2022 | 15:00 hour | Buy tickets

Maria Milstein & Hanna Shybayeva
Maria Milstein violin, Hanna Shybayeva piano.
Finally, after three years, we can again present a beautiful Christmas concert to our audience and resume this long-standing tradition on our intimate stage in Christmas atmosphere! Maria Milstein and Hanna Shybayeva will perform gems from the repertoire for violin and piano this afternoon. In any case, the famous 2nd sonata by Prokofiev is on the program, as well as more classical works, such as sonatas by Beethoven. The further details of this recital are still being worked out by the duo. Read more
ma 26 Dec 2022 | 15:00 hour | Buy tickets

This year, for the fifth time in a row, we are opening the new year with a festive gathering with the house orchestra of the well-known television program Podium Witteman. These super enthusiastic musicians, like other years, bring a vibrant mix of classical music, jazz, pop and improvisation.

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zo 08 Jan 2023 | 15:00 hour | Buy tickets

Duo IJlstra-García
Colores del sur
In tonight's program saxophonist Femke IJlstra and pianist Celia García-García highlight the richness of Mediterranean colors, with an emphasis on Spain. "We take you to the musical south where we sing, dance and dream together in the warm evening light", according to Femke and Celia. They bring us into this atmosphere with works by Ravel, Milhaud, Albeniz, de Falla, Villa-Lobos and others. Read more
zo 12 Feb 2023 | 15:00 hour | Buy tickets

l'Armonia Sonora en Peter Kooij
'Der Friede sei mit Dir'
L'Armonia Sonora, consisting of toppers from the ranks of the Netherlands Bach Society, will present a fascinating baroque program this afternoon with one of the most prominent baroque singers, the bass Peter Kooij. The whole is led by the gambist Mieneke van der Velden.

The cantata 'Der Friede sei mit dir' (BWV 158) is one of the highlights of the work of Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750); this solo cantata by Bach with an obbligato violin part and basso continuo seems simple in instrumentation, but it is a very complete cantata with arias, recitatives and a beautiful closing chorale.  Read more
zo 05 Mrt 2023 | 15:00 hour | Buy tickets

Mónica Coronado & Manito
Flamenco - Melodías del Corazón
With this warm-blooded Flamenco performance, the listener is taken along to a world full of passion, melancholy passion. The repertoire includes both existing and self-written Spanish songs. At the concerts, Monica quickly gets people on the edge of the seat. She knows how to enchant her audience with her charisma. Manito always knows how to stimulate her to get the most out of his virtuoso playing.
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vr 17 Mrt 2023 | 20:00 hour | Buy tickets

Under The Surface
Mijn Triuwa – Mijn Trouw
Sinds de oprichting van Under The Surface in 2015 heeft de band internationaal veel succes beleefd. Drummer Joost Lijbaart zag al vroeg de potentie van de groep en wist meer dan 200 concerten in 25 landen op 4 contineten te organiseren. Geïnspireerd door de vele reizen ontwikkelden zij een unieke improvisatietaal, een combinatie tussen jazz, folk, etnische en elektronische muziek. Read more
zo 26 Mrt 2023 | 15:00 hour | Buy tickets

Festival de la Chanson Française, 2-ième édition
Ensemble Soite!
Bert van den Brink piano en accordeon, Sanne de Graaf cello en Andrea van Beek zang.

Het Franse chanson is booming: honderdduizenden Nederlanders genoten van de prachtige tv-serie Chansons! in 2021 van tv-corifee Matthijs van Nieuwkerk en 'Snollebollekes voorman' Rob Kemps. Porgy speelde in op deze trend met een gedurfd en volledig uitverkocht drie-daags chanson festival in april 2022. Wij borduren graag voort op dit daverende succes en presenteren met trots een tweede editie met verassende ensembles!

Vanavond brengt meesterpianist Bert van den Brink, al vele jaren een vaste bespeler van ons podium, met zijn nieuwe 'Ensemble Soit!', eigentijdse chansons van chansonnier/bassist Gildas Delaporte.
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vr 21 Apr 2023 | 20:00 hour |

Festival de la Chanson Française, 2-ième édition
Talk To Me In French
Multitalent Frank Mercelismuzikant, zanger en acteur, staat al meer dan 20 jaar op het podium in vele hoedanigheden. O.a. met zijn chansoncollectief Eddy et les Vedettes maakte hij vier succesvolle theatertournees waaronder 'Une Belle Histoire', in samenwerking met de schrijver Bart Van Loo. Vandaag neemt hij de sensualiteit en het ritme van de Franse taal mee in de prachtige muziekvertelling ‘Talk To Me In French’ waarbij hij begeleid wordt door Antoon Offeciers op piano.

"Tekst en muziek vloeien wonderwel in elkaar, kronkelend en fonkelend, perfect uitgekiend zonder aan naturel te verliezen. Met veel gevoel voor humor ook, verbaal én muzikaal.” De Standaard, vier ****

“Na vele omzwervingen als zanger, muzikant en acteur komt Frank Mercelis thuis in een heerlijk theaterprogramma. (...) De voorlopige bekroning van een erg veelzijdige carrière.” - Het Nieuwsblad, vier ****
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za 22 Apr 2023 | 20:30 hour |